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Originator's Role

Life Settlement Solutions will originate and purchase eligible policies at no greater than a predetermined price based upon 1) the medical evaluator's life expectancy rating and 2) the anticipated premiums to be paid over the estimated life. The actual "yield" on these settlement investments is dependent primarily upon the accuracy of the life expectancy estimates, purchase cost, amount of premiums to be paid, cost of funds and the timing of benefits collected on the policy. The company's role and responsibilities are to:

  • Locate the policies and screen for eligibility;
  • Submit eligible cases to the approved medical evaluator for a life expectancy rating;
  • Verify with the insurance carrier that the policy is in force;
  • Obtain contractual consents and acknowledgment of required disclosures from policy owners and beneficiaries;
  • Receive insured's consent permitting the servicer to monitor, or "track," the health status of the insured individual;
  • Process for underwriting; and
  • Obtain and submit transfer documents to the custodian/escrow agent.
Prior to completing a purchase, the policy must meet the guidelines established by the company (see eligibility section). Adherence to the guidelines is verified by Life Settlement Solutions for each policy considered for purchased.

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