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This Web site is not intended for consumers or owners of individual life insurance policies. Consumers and policy owners are urged to consult with their independent financial and legal advisers prior to entering into any life settlement transaction, and should not rely on any information contained on this Web site. There may be advantages and disadvantages that vary depending upon the circumstances of a particular case, and nothing in this Web site is intended to be relied upon by any policy owner or insured person in any life insurance or life settlement transaction.

Life Settlement Solutions LLC, does not buy policies direct from any policy owner, and transacts business solely through independent qualified life settlement brokers. Life Settlement Solutions does not employ brokers, and no broker is authorized to act as an agent or representative of Life Settlement Solutions. Each broker acts as a fiduciary agent on behalf of the policy owners and the insureds they represent. If required by the laws and regulations of the state in which a policy owner resides, brokers are subject to licensing and regulation by the governing state insurance department.

Life Settlement Solutions does not sell or re–sell life insurance policies to individual investors or settlement purchasers. Policies acquired by Life Settlement Solutions may be transferred to a custodial trustee for a financial institution that has been pre–qualified as “an accredited investor” and/or a “qualified institutional buyer” as defined respectively in Regulation D, Rule 501, and/or Rule 144A of the Federal Securities Act of 1933, as amended, within the meaning of Section 4.A(8) of NAIC Viatical Settlements Model Act of April 2002.

This Web site is intended solely to serve as an informational reference for insurance and financial planning professionals and qualified financial institutions. Life Settlement Solutions' life settlements are not available in all states, and this Web site is not intended for use in any state other than those in which Life Settlement Solutions is currently able to conduct business. For a listing of those states, please consult the state–by–state availability page.
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Life Settlement Solutions LLC, is a an institutionally funded purchaser of life settlements. We are not brokers or agents.
The information presented on this Web site is not intended for consumers or the general public.
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