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What types of information does Life Settlement Solutions receive regarding the policy owner and insured?

The information received by Life Settlement Solutions includes, but is not limited to:
  • Identity such as name, address, email address, Social Security number, driver's license number and date of birth of policy owner and insured individuals.
  • Transactional information such as the terms of the life settlement contracts and information provided in documents signed by the policy owner and insured individual related to the transaction.
  • Medical or health information that may be included in information provided by the policy owner, insured, insurance carrier, healthcare providers, medical underwriters, personal contacts as designated by the Insured, or personnel involved in servicing policies on behalf of Life Settlement Solutions and confirming the insured's medical or health status.
  • Life expectancy evaluations from independent medical underwriters, which include health and medical information about insured individuals. (The insured's medical records are sent to independent medical underwriting consultants who are responsible for maintaining and enforcing their own privacy policies as required by law and applicable regulations.)
  • Life insurance information including the type and terms of life insurance policy, a copy of the policy, a copy of the original application for insurance and a policy illustration provided by the insurance carrier.
How does Life Settlement Solutions use the information that it collects about the policy owner and the insured?
  • Life Settlement Solutions uses the information it collects in determining whether to purchase certain life insurance policies from individuals.
  • Life Settlement Solutions does not sell any of the nonpublic personal information regarding the policy owner or insured Individual, nor does it distribute such information to any third parties except as required or permitted by law.
Who has access to the information once it is submitted to Life Settlement Solutions?
  • Access to nonpublic personal information is restricted to Life Settlement Solutions´┐┐ employees who need to know or access such information to provide life settlement services. Nonpublic personal information may be shared by Life Settlement Solutions with unaffiliated companies that provide support services to Life Settlement Solutions in connection with Life Settlement Solutions´┐┐ life settlement services, but only to extent necessary for Life Settlement Solutions properly to conduct its business and manage the policy.
  • Life Settlement Solutions is serious about the security of the information in its filing and computer systems. Life Settlement Solutions uses a system of passwords, firewalls and other physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect against the unauthorized access to nonpublic personal information.
  • Life Settlement Solutions periodically updates its technology and the education of its employees and consultants about the importance of maintaining privacy striving to implement the best practices to ensure that nonpublic information is protected as required by applicable law.
What happens if a policy is later transferred by Life Settlement Solutions?
  • If a policy is transferred by Life Settlement Solutions, it will only be transferred to an institutionally financed capital provider pursuant to a written agreement that expressly requires that the institution must acknowledge and agree to preserve the private and confidential nature of nonpublic personal information.

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